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Very strong: Mosu
» Dark Wizard: mosuI
» Dark Knight: Mosu
» Fairy Elf: Deiu
» Magic Gladiator: MG1027
» Dark Lord: Platinium
Best Player: ---
Best Killer: Ferrante
Best Guild: TeamXpRo
Server version: S3 EP1
Experience: MediumXP
Chance of dropped items: 60%

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Time of Events
05:46:09, 26.04.2015
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Top Characters
GoldenBoy :: 65 :: Blade Master
Mosu :: 63 :: Blade Master
Reaper :: 61 :: Blade Master
OIIy :: 61 :: Blade Master
Dodolike :: 61 :: Blade Master
Top Guilds
TeamXpRo :: 1 :: Asas1nuBk
GangBang :: :: Faby
Cocaine :: :: mosul
AnkhSage :: :: acelaseu
YaKuZa :: :: danisefuBK
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Help for the Server

Addicted2 MU Returns

Welcome to Addicted2 MU Server! [ex-LiveMU].

Yes, as promised we have returned, but much more bigger, and better!
The comunity Addicted2 has agreed to combine LiveMU and Addicted2 MU into one.
This means that we now have the best Season 3 ever made:

-No Hacking/Cheating: Stable and Secured by LiveGuard
-No Disconnects
-No Lag ( server is on Intel Xeon 8x Core )
-New Events
-New Sets
-New Wings
-Medium EXP
-Medium DROP

And much more for you to discover.
And the good things don`t stop here! We have restored our last database from LiveMU!
This means all your hard work is still here.

Client link available soon, so please stay tuned.

Kind Regards,

Wednesday, 22.04.2015 - Views: 19 - Comments: 0
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